CICADAS by Sarathy Korwar

Tabla player Sarathy Korwar looks at creating equality on stage through fostering spontaneous relationships and challenging the traditional hierarchical roles of musicians within the South Asian Classical traditions. Reflecting on his own experiences as a Tabla player, he creates new relationships taking musicians out of their comfort zone and displaying an interaction that audiences can relate to.
Cicadas questions why the traditional roles of vocalist, instrumentalist and tabla player have maintained a certain position within South Asian Classical music and this is even more evident when looking at the rules governing improvisation; for instance, when a Tabla solo is allowed. Using different creative ideas and ‘games’ throughout his own composition Sarathy takes improvisation out of its traditional structure and rules yet maintaining raga to create a whole new concept within classical music.
Multi-talented percussionist and composer, Sarathy was awarded the Steve Reid InNovation Award by PRS for Music and Steve Reid Foundation to create his album Day to Day released by Ninja Tunes. This experimental and creative artist produces a radical way of thinking in his commission through exciting experiments and interactive ideas giving both musicians on stage and audiences a new outlook to South Asian Classical music.
The zerOclassikal commissions engage British born and/or trained artists to expand and radicalise the boundaries of South Asian Classical music. Each artist developed their work through questioning the traditions, experimenting new ideas and platforming progression.