THE BRIDGE: Concerto for Sitar and String Quartet by Jasdeep Singh Degun

Commissioned by zerOclassikal in association with SAA-uk
Jasdeep Singh Degun brings together the two prominent styles of Classical music in the form of a Sitar Concerto. Scored for sitar and string quartet, The Bridge, a radical and progressive commission explores melodic themes based on the more linear Indian classical ragas whilst opening up a new avenue of western classical harmony. 
Finding the balance between two classical styles of music is challenging especially to grasp their depth and intricacies within one piece. Where Hindustani classical music focuses on rag and improvisation from a solo instrument, Western concertos form their identity around harmonies, movement, dissonance and the working of many instruments together. Jasdeep has taken this Concerto from a work in progress to a full commission to bring both aspects to life and give listeners from both genres something that they can fully appreciate.
Recently awarded the Sky Arts Award and Tarang Musician of the Year, Jasdeep Singh Degun represents the next generation of innovative and ground-breaking Indian Classical musicians of the UK. His talent and technique both as a performer and composer enable him to create a concerto that brings together two styles of classical music in equal balance.
The zerOclassikal commissions engage British born and/or trained artists to expand and radicalise the boundaries of South Asian Classical music. Each artist developed their work through questioning the traditions, experimenting new ideas and platforming progression.