Sunday 20th May - Routes and Perseverance

Perseverance explores the vulnerability of hope –in a world embroiled in harsh severity, where beautifying is its only hope to survive it. Jonathan Mayer picks this important theme as way of claiming south Asian classical music is very much a contemporary musical genre which can be used to create new material about important issues and subjects. “Music should allow you think about the world around you, not just sound pretty.”

The versatile guitarist, Giuliano Modarelli uses the notion of the drone to incorporate sounds of dub and spiritual jazz to Indian Classical music, without changing the repertoire but manipulating sounds to create a new timbre to the music. As a guitarist, playing classical music on a non-traditional instrument has shaped his ideas on the sounds that can influence a style of music. In this piece, creating a live score that organically develops with the unfolding of the raga and using such technology introduces a new approach to Hindustani Classical music.


In association with Sampad.

Venue: Mac Birmignham, Cannon Hill Park Queen's Ride, Birmingham, B12 9QH