Sunday March 25th - PRESENCE by Sindhuja and Sriram Shriananda

Tara Arts & ZerOclassikal present Presence

New Voices within Carnatic Music


In this double-bill we feature two upcoming British talents, both having taken different paths of learning with their instrument, creating their own presence within their music. Both taught and self-taught, Sindhuja and Sriram focus on their own stories, using and extracting compositions, and inspiration from Carnatic structures.


Sriram is a dedicated Carnatic musician with a passion for a variety of Carnatic music instruments. He has been learning the Mridangam under the tutelage of Shri P Kirupakaran and performed his arangetram in 2011. Sriram was inspired by the Carnatic mandolin which was pioneered and introduced into South Indian classical music by the legend, late Mandolin U Srinivas. Sriram was mesmerised and captivated by the unique sound created by the mandolin and the complete mastery of the instrument by Mandolin U Srinivas.  In January 2015, he obtained his first mandolin and has since been teaching himself to play this distinctive instrument. Sriram was recently very fortunate to have a few one-to-one training sessions with Mandolin U Rajesh himself.


Sindhuja has been learning Carnatic vocal from a very young age from her mother and guru Smt Renuka Shriananda.   Having completed her vocal arangetram in 2002, she has continued to perform in a variety of concerts around the UK both as a solo performer and as part of orchestras and ensembles. Though Sindhuja’s first love is Carnatic vocal, she also enjoys singing film music and has performed with many eminent artists including P. Unnikrishnan and Sriram and has worked with the music director Srikanth Deva.


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