Maiurie Rasakulasuriar


Selvi Maiurie Rasakulasuriar is a young upcoming musician who plays the Carnatic flute and has opened for our Back to the Lounge: Baithak sessions.


Selvi Maiurie Rasakulasuriar is a young upcoming musician who has been learning the Carnatic flute for 7 years under the guidance of her Guru, Sri Madhusoodanan Satchithanandan. Her Carnatic music journey began when she started learning vocal at the age of 5. A couple of years later, she started learning the veena under the guidance of Smt Renuka Shriananda and Smt Bhairavi Shriananda. She has recently completed her arangetram in both Veena and Flute in September 2022. She has also achieved grade 8 in both the piano and Western flute, where she has performed in numerous orchestras in her school, university and county. In 2017, she completed her Bharathanatyam arangetram at the age of 13. Maiurie is currently studying Physics at the University of Oxford. 

Learn more about her…

What first drew you to Bansuri?

As a child, I was always surrounded by music. When I was 10 years old, I started learning Western classical flute under the recommendation from my school music teacher. A couple years later I went to a bansuri flute arangetram, and I remember listening to the bansuri, being entranced and comparing it to the Western flute. A year later, when I was 13 years old, my mother found a bansuri teacher for me, and I am grateful to have learnt bansuri from my guru, Sri Madhusoodanan Satchithanandan, for 7 years.

What inspires you?

As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the intricacies and endless possibilities of expression and experimentation that music has to offer. I’m particularly interested in learning about different cultural music and how they differ and are also similar to one another. As a Carnatic musician, I find the different combinations of melodic (raga) and rhythmic (tala) patterns fascinating. I am constantly inspired by other musicians and always find motivation to pursue music even further after every piece I listen to.