Mithila Sarma recipient of Arts Fundraising Fellowship! 

We're happy to announce that our young artistic director Mithila Sarma is a recipient of the Professional Fellowship on the Arts Fundraising programme for 2017! This is a year long professional development in Arts Fundraising, Philanthropy and Leadership. 

And we are particularly pleased that this resource will add to the organisation’s growth and contributes to our sector of emerging British South Asian classical musicianship. Thanks to Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy, University of Leeds, Cause4 and…

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New Commissions get off to a great start! 

Our new commissions got off to great success with the debut performance of by 'The Bridge: Concerto for Sitar and String Quartet' Jasdeep Singh Degun to a very receptive audience at The Venue, Leeds College of Music. Well done to all the musicians and looking forward to further development of the commission. Thanks to our co-commissioner SAA-uk! 

Read the review here by Pulse Magazine
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Photos taken by George Yonge 


Autumn series of Basement Sessions - loaded with double - bills 

We are excited to announce we have loaded our monthly experimental showcase for a radical approach to south Asian Classical music with double - bills for the Autumn season. 
Taking place on the last Wednesday of the month at Karamel Club, London, the project offers the best of nextgen south Asian classical music talent! 
The first session features two beautiful stringed instruments often referred to as cousins from the North and South – the Sitar and Veena. 
September 28th
Raaheel Husain - Sitar 

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The zerOclassikal project is back! 

We are excited to announce that after receipt of Arts Council project funding we are ready to proceed with our next phase of platforming new progressions and creating an industry for British born and trained South Asian classical artists. Over a period of two years we will platform a monthly ‘basement sessions’ series showcasing the best of emerging and established artists allowing them to be experimental, push their boundaries and discover their mindsets!  

We have also planned five new commissions with…

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Summer season announced 

Our summer season features four outstanding new works of south Asian Classical music featuring artists exploring pioneering and radical ideas… Check for dates and tickets here

Percussion, Hierarchy & Electronics  

Last week, Sarathy Korwar gave us an experience that was unique and thought-provoking. Starting with a ‘classical’ set with just Sitar, Guitar and himself on Tabla, what we imagined would be quite typical classical concert ended up being something far from this. His Tabla solo at the start of the show began with the use of electronics and effects that made it something rarely heard, but a unique experience to watch. As Raaheel and Giuliano were introduced on stage, it was obvious this would not be your…Read more

Jesse Bannister: The Thoughts of a Saxophonist, Improviser & Indian Classical Musician 

At Zeroclassikal it’s not just the outcome that matters but the journey an artist undertakes. We asked Jesse Bannister to answer a few questions about his experiences before his upcoming gig!
How did playing the saxophone and learning Indian music happen for you?
Prior to coming Leeds College of Music I had received a poor formal education in a state school in Haringey, so I was keen to learn something real. The Jazz teachers were really poor and I ended up failing my first year, and was ready to go home…Read more

A Night of Classical Veena 

The continuation of the Zeroclassikal performance series showcased yet another talented individual take us through the history of his instrument and of Carnatic music whilst reflecting on his own journey here in Britain.

Hari Sivanesan began the concert talking about the Veena itself, from its creation to its development. With the first half hour consisting of pure classical music, we were taken through the true beauty of the instrument beginning with the majestic Raga Nalinakanthi followed by the Veena’s…Read more

Jasdeep & Richard on 'The Bridge' 

We finally caught up with Jasdeep Singh Degun and Richard Melkonian who are currently working on the Zeroclassikal commission, 'The Bridge', creating a Sitar Concerto! 

What is a Sitar Concerto?
A Sitar Concerto is a piece which features Sitar as a solo instrument plus an ensemble of other musicians, be it an orchestra or a chamber ensemble.  The Concerto form itself arose in the Baroque era of Western classical music in Italy, it them became an established form with composers such as Mozart…Read more



Previous events


Basement Sessions Double Bill: Santoor & Flute

Karamel Club, 4 Coburg, London, N22 6UJ

Focusing on solo performances and the challenges of producing concerts within such a setting, two incredibly talented artists perform two contrasting concerts from both North and South Indian Classical music.


zerOclassikal/ Tara Arts presents Kitha Nadarajah


Basement Sessions Double Bill: Cello & VVV

Karamel Club, 4 Coburg, London, N22 6UJ

In our second concert of the Autumn series we explore the way instrumentation can affect the sounds of a performance within South Asian Classical music. From solo to trios, an exciting evening of the two main styles of Indian Classical music.


Basement Sessions Double Bill: Veena & Sitar

Karamel Club, 4 Coburg, London, N22 6UJ

Our Autumn series of double-bill concerts presents the best of British talent performing South Asian Classical music. Our first concert showcases the sounds of two beautiful stringed instruments often referred to as cousins from the North and South – the Sitar and Veena.


Basement Sessions with Abi Sampa

Karamel Club, 4 Coburg, London, N22 6UJ

Known for her performance on the Voice, multi-talented Abi Sampa and her band of brilliant musicians present a unique blend of sounds drawing in on inspiration from Qawwali, Carnatic and Western music. Through her captivating voice, virtuosity on the harmonium and ability to coax beautiful sounds from the ancient Veena, Abi presents a new style of music where different sounds come together to create musical bliss!


Basement Sessions with Janan Sathiendran

Karamel Club, 4 Coburg, London, N22 6UJ

London’s young and emerging talent, Janan takes centre-stage and presents an energetic and exciting Tabla solo, creating explosive rhythmic patterns with technical flare. All this with a modern twist producing his own unique sound to this traditional artform.


Basement Sessions with Achuthan Sripathmanathan

Karamel Club, 4 Coburg, London, N22 6UJ

The highly talented Violinist Achuthan plays an intimate and relaxed Carnatic concert exploring new sounds on the traditional. Bringing his own distinctive style of melodic gracefulness to every raga and performing a varied repertoire to highlight the intricacies and depth of the music, this performance is something not to be missed!



basement sessions with MITHILA SARMA

Karamel Club, 4 Coburg Rd, London, N22 6UJ

ONE Each individual instrument has it’s own tonal quality, style and timbre; so can an ensemble work with just the Veena? In this experiment, Mithila explores and expands the limits of this beautiful and ancient instrument to illustrate that sometimes, just one is enough...



basement sessions with ADESH & CONSPIRATORS OF PLEASURE

Karamel Club, 4 Coburg Rd, London, N22 6UJ

The Social Network Project Society is becoming more social through the development of networks, yet in a Carnatic concert the performer separates himself from the audience. Adesh brings a more interactive approach to musical performance in a short burst – something that is not expected of a Carnatic musician.

The Conspirators of Music Conspitators of Music collect broken sitars and make music with them. How eclectic can you get?



basement sessions with GIULIANO

Karamel Club, 4 Coburg Rd, London, N22 6UJ

STRINGED Internationally acclaimed guitarist Giuliano takes us through a journey of pure classical to the contemporary.

From classical music to the contemporary, how does the role of Guitar change?


basement sessions with SARATHY KORWAR

Karamel Club, 4 Coburg Rd, London, N22 6UJ

Sarathy’s percussive rhythms explore to find the perfect balance in a hierachichical context of Indian classical music. The gifted percussionist brings issues of equality and accessibility through performance paradigms of the percussive instruments. Promises to be electric!


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