Percussion, Hierarchy & Electronics

Last week, Sarathy Korwar gave us an experience that was unique and thought-provoking. Starting with a ‘classical’ set with just Sitar, Guitar and himself on Tabla, what we imagined would be quite typical classical concert ended up being something far from this. His Tabla solo at the start of the show began with the use of electronics and effects that made it something rarely heard, but a unique experience to watch. As Raaheel and Giuliano were introduced on stage, it was obvious this would not be your typical concert. We knew he would be breaking down the barriers of hierarchy that exist between ‘musicians’ and ‘accompanists’ and it was obvious that in this role, Sarathy was not an accompanist but an equal amongst the other musicians. They played around with a few ideas such as 7 Haikus, which sounded random yet had a great conceptual idea behind it. Throughout the concert, the improvisations were not in set places as would be expected, yet introduced when the musicians felt they had something to offer and you could tell this required a greater level of musicianship, listening leading to a complete unexpectedness in the music felt both by the musicians and audience alike!
Afterwards he was joined on stage with Al on keyboard, Domenico on bass and synths and Giuliano on guitar to form a four-piece band, this time showcasing a preview of his forthcoming album, Day to Day. Here using music samples from the Siddhi tribes in India, he formed new compositions featuring some interesting percussive rhythms on the drumkit from him but also much more electronics and exciting sounds!
Overall, we like to see new at Zeroclassikal and this is what it was about. Can’t wait to hear more from Sarathy in the future!