Saturday February 17th: Hamsadhwani by Aravindhan Baheerathan at Tara Theatre

Tara Arts & ZerOclassikal present Hamsadhwani

Discovering the role of raga beyond being a scale

Saturday February 17th, 7.30pm

Each raga evokes a certain feeling or emotion. The raga Hamsadhwani for instance is associated with energy, faith and discipline usually featured near the beginning of a Carnatic concert. In this exciting and energetic performance, Aravindhan looks at the function of various ragas and what can they mean beyond their classical tradition

Aravindhan is a young and upcoming Flautist and a senior disciple of Sri P.Gnanavarathan and completed his arangetram in 2004. He is widely known across the U.K. and Europe and has performed as a soloist during Chennai music festival on multiple occasions, along with performances at the Darbar festival in 2010 and 2012. He recently featured on a sound track for the Sir Ben Kingsley film "Learning to drive".


Tara Theatre
356 Garratt Lane
SW18 4ES