The zerOclassikal project has been a platform for emerging musicians from diverse heritages developing ‘British SACC (south Asian contemporary classical)’ musicianship, offering a radical approach by facilitating progressions, experiments and developments in the genre since 2013. The project challenges the conventions of ‘traditional’ labels of south Asian music by making sense of the contemporary that surrounds it.

Our project supports a very critical area in the SACC genre and UK contemporary classical music sector – of a generation of growing young musicianship trained from conservatoire standard teaching institutions but for whom professional development infrastructures have been limited.

Commissioning of new work has been our main activity, a genre innovation enabling progressive artistic interventions. In the last five years we have commissioned nine full length new works touring them to six national destinations of a touring circuit that we built ourselves, while our monthly showcases have platformed emerging artists and work in progress commissions as part of our Artist Development programme – aiming to build industry hitherto not existent due to culture and sector issues forming barriers to involvement. The programme has also supported a successful Sky Award and individual ACE funded tours for many artists…

In 2020 – we commissioned six new pieces under the theme DIVERGENCE.

EXTRAPOLATE is our third round of commissioning .


EXTRAPOLATE is a CALL OUT for new work that originates from the SAC structure and progresses it further in ways that sometimes challenges its conventional structure , or enhances it beyond present perceptions.  Whether it explores tonal material or redefines the use of taal  or merely steps out of conventions,  EXTRAPOLATE will seek to listen to SAC music in a way it had never been thought of before.



 x2 Full Length

Each commission to be of 30/35 min length and upto four instruments/voices

x2 Short Length 

Each commission to be of 15/20 min length and upto three instruments /voices.


EXTRAPOLATE is open to all professional UK based and trained music artists

whose main musical form is south Asian classical music or

have career targeted training in south Asian classical music


We are keen to receive proposals from women music artists who we are aware are under-represented in the sector.